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1991 Accord head gasket replacement now have oil leak ???


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Car did not overheat, but was told it was blowing white smoke. Turned out to be a fuel injector stuck wide open. (New ECU fixed it). But since a fresh head was prepped for this 170K mile car, we went ahead and did the job. Now, I have an oil leak on the rear of the block face near the timing belt. Cam seal is new and dry on the timing belt side. Out of frustration, thinking I messed up, I did the job again with a Felpro headgasket and this time coated bothsides with Copper Seal spray. I did a pre-torque of 15 pounds just to make sure all surfaces were touching evenly before going for the factory 3 passes of torque 29, 51, and 78 pounds.

Result: Runs perfect, BUT still leaking oil. I have NO idea where or how this could happen. Could it be the head that was prepped has a flaw that was missed? Zero history of overheating, so I doubt the block took a dump!

Here are some pics if it might stir some ideas.











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