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1992 civic Not starting HELP!!


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so my car was running just fine. It leaks oil due to needing new pitson rings. Well today i go get a compression tester. I do what your suppost to do, then i cranked it. It didnt read any thing. So i tryed taking the tube out for the tester. The tube was stuck was not coming out. So i pluged up everything put in 3 cylinders and cranked it started it up to heat it up to expand the metal. Notevthe tube did not have the tester guage on the tube so it was just and open tube. The car ran for 20 seconds then died. Got the tube out finnaly. I put in that last plug and now the car dosnt start. It turns over but no fire. Dosnt sputter to sound like its trying to start. Im thinking that i lost compression when i had that open tube. Anybody got any other ideas. And possible ways to fix it?

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Is your timing belt still in one piece?

Why did the tube get stuck?

How do you know you need piston rings as opposed to idunno, bad valve stem seals?

Is the car leaking oil too, or just burning it?

If your car was running just fine, why are you messing around with a pressure tester?


Check your tester, put it on your lawn mower and pull the cord a few times. Unless you have bent valves (snapped timing belt) or broken connecting rod, you should get some pressure. Even a deeply gouged cylinder wall will register some kind of pressure.


BTW, you cannot "lose compression" by turning over the motor with the spark plug hole open to atmosphere. The worst that can happen is unburnt fuel pooling in the non-firing cylinder will give you: a flash, a bang, or a fire. Thanks for lulz on that one.

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