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1998 Civic speedo stopped and car pulling


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I have a 1998 5-speed civic sedan LX. I drove to work this morning and everything was fine. Came out to run some errands at lunch and noticed the check engine light was on. Maybe it's a check transmission light, I'm not sure. It's orange and just says "check" on it with a little engine graphic behind it.

I quickly noticed my speedometer was not working. It would stay at 0 and every so often jump up to 80MPG. All the other gauges are working fine. But the car felt weird driving it. After getting it up to speed I noticed it was a pulling a bit. When it pulls the check engine light will dim in and out of bit.

No idea what is going on, do you you?

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Hi, I would like to help you to find out the solution for this problem. The speedometer is a solid-state unit and cant be tested. The issue you have is a bad speedometer head. You will need to go for vss(vehicle speed sensor) testing. For check engine light, get the code out of the ECU for the Check Engine Light by using a paper clip or a small jumper wire to jump the 2 terminals at the scs connector and then turn the key on and count the flashes on the check engine light.

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