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Is Civic a Good First Car For a Teen?


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I just bought my first Honda yesterday! I work at Acura so I know that Honda's are very reliable and easy to maintain. However, when I called to get insurance, (through USAA) insurance on my Si is three times as much as it is on my 02 Lincoln LS V8. I was so shocked that I asked the lady why it was so expensive, and she said that my Lincoln is A LOT safer than the Si and thats the primary reason why it was so much more expensive.

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LOL there isn't any one reason insurance is higher. She must've forgot the Si is also a sport model which factors in with your age gender location history race ethnicity citizenship status marital status etc. I worked in insurance, worked close with the mathematicians (actuaries) who were programming the risk algorithms, so I've seen it first hand.


I didn't respond to the OP cause his question isn't valid as stated. It's not whether a Civic is a good car for a teenager, it's whether a Civic is a good car for HIS teenager. I don't know your kid, so I can't answer that.


I'm buying my kids either an Accord or a Civic with airbags and ABS which means 93 or newer. I'm aware teenagers are statistically most likely to have their first accident in the first year of driving so I'm getting them a Honda that's already beat up and then replacing it later when the youngest is old enough (I have three).

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