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Hi Car has had a soft pedal since I got it. Seen fluid on booster under mc replaced it and the front calipers (due to broken bleeder). Still couldn't get a firm pedal a few weeks later I noticed fluid under the mc thought might be some I spilled during bleeding cleaned it up check again in couple days and was wet again. So replaced it again this time took it to Honda dealer to be bleed and they couldn't get pedal firm they said think star nut in rear brakes needs adjusted. About a month goes by and get in by car brake light was on check it it was low and had fluid under mc again. What could be making these mc leak could it be the back brakes needing adjusted or I read on the net that booster can leak vacuum sucking fluid past mc seals. But have been told that if booster was going out brakes would be hard and they are not anyone know what could be going on, thanks

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Bad booster sounds plausible.


I've copied the Helms procedure in checking the brake booster to several sites years ago. Search my last name and brake booster, it'll turn up.


Never mind, I got bored.



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i had the same issue with my 94 honda accord ex, soft brake pedal, i had got it checked and found out my master brake cylinder needed replacement because it was no good, and after i replaced it, it felt alil bit stiffer, not by alot tho, then my mechanic was bleeding the brakes and found out my front passenger caliper was an issue aswell, it had a crack in it somehow and air was getting into the caliper, so i just bought my new caliper today and gonna get it switched in a few and HOPEFULLY theres a difference!

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