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boosting d16z6?


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My friend is trying to convince me to do a b16A3 swap, but I've seen a bunch people and videos of people boosting the d16. I have a mitsubishi Eclipse GST so I have experience with boosted engines, but I've never gone from naturally aspirated, to forced induction. My question is: How do you prepare this car (Del Sol D16z6) for boost? Is there an amount of boost that it can handle stock? With my eclipse, head studs and main bolts were pretty much all you needed to go past 12 psi, but with this engine that is not built for boost, I am certain that the list will be a tad bit longer than that. If there is already a thread for this, I'll admit to being a noob but at the same time, I would kind of prefer to have my own conversation about this. Thank you. :)

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