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Noob at honda stuff

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Car; 1993 Honda Accord EX 2 door five speed coupe completely stock.

Miles; 220k


History; bought for 500$ off a friend who couldn't fix a dragging starter problem after replacing the start 4 times, timing belt, clutch, battery, cables and the mod/ relay under the dash. I fixed that problem for 20$ by getting a starter at the junkyard. The car has had no other problems until three days ago.


1st problem; Wife driving home from work car goes dead. I trouble shoot find no spark replace wires, cap, button, plugs and ICM. Car starts idles smooth and seems fine.


2nd problem; Drove the car home. At about 2800 to 3000 rpms the tach begins to bounce and the car begins to bog, lose power and backfire. The more pedal you give it the worse it gets. The Idle is fine and smooth, no leaks, dis looked clean and with no oil, rust or white powder. The check engine light is on, ran code get a 14, which says bad IACV after checking for what is said to be the usual signs of a bad IAVC I have none. I cleared the ECM and started the car the symptoms where gone for a few seconds then the engine light cames back on and symptoms returned.


The IAVC is 220$ for the autoparts store and I would like to be sure that is the problem before I drop the dime. Also I've found reference to a bad or failing ign coil could also cause this problem.




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