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Weak Suspension???


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I have owned two Honda Accords. I bought new a 2000 and a 2010 Honda Accord. Both of these cars were lemons. The 2000 Honda Accord wore the tires out at about 20,000 miles and the transmission was going out at 92,000 miles. The 2010 has had four sets of tires by 34,000 miles. All the tires feathered and caused the car to make a roaring sound. The car came with Dunlop tires which I got 17,000 miles with until they completely wore out. The next tires were UniRoyals which I got 4,000 miles on and then they wore out as well. Next came the Michelin tires which I got 8,000 miles on until they wore out. Now I have another set of Michelin tires MxV4 on the car so we will see what happens.

The alignment always checks out to Honda specifications. I was told by a service manager that it has a weak suspension. The Honda Motor Company denies there is anything wrong with the car. Good luck if you buy one. I will never buy another Honda after this ordeal and all the money I have had to spend.

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