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D17A1 AEM Plug and Play high boost

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Hey guys new to this site. I'm looking at buying a 2005 Honda Civic DX 4 dr with a D17A1. I'm wondering if there will be many aftermarket parts for the engine/car (turbo kits, manifolds, inconel exhaust valves, pistons, race transmissions, custom gears, clutch, driveshaft, rods, ect...) or do I really need to go with the civic SI 2.0 with Vtec for the larger aftermarket? Really need some input from some experienced 2001-2005 civic guys who have seen what different companies are selling for both these motors/setups.


I could care less about the Vtec or bigger displacement of the 2.0. I want the cheapest car/motor as the AEM plug and play will be $1500 plus install. After I see it's working properly I plan on lowering compression from 9.5:1 to 7.0:1. If there aren't any forged pistons to take it that low ill go with shorter custom rods. I want to run a ton of boost without using race gas or methanol injection. I want to be able to drive this car every day yet at the same time be able to give it 25 lbs of boost from time to time. Mpg should still be decent at 7:0:1 on the highway.


If anyone here has a list of companies that focus specifically on Honda turbo kits or this generation of civics please let me know. Is there any problem with choosing this motor over the 2005 civic 2.0 Vtec?



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You don't need inconel exhaust valves for a street setup. Aftermarket offering is pretty slim for the D17. Custom gears are easy since they are custom, they just cost about 800 per gear (just for a basic gear with custom ratio, nothing fancy). FWD cars don't have a driveshaft.


Why do you want the cheapest car/engine just so you can buy an EMS? Getting the EMS before the engine is built is silly as you'll be paying to have it tuned twice (plug and play does not mean it can just be installed and driven on). 7:1 is way too low. You can lower the CR to 1:1 and run all the boost you want (number of pounds is irrelevent unless we know what exact turbo you're going to run) and it won't make any power and will take forever to spool. You know the fastest Honda's in the country (boosted) are running 10.5:1 + right...


I highly suggest re-evaluating your plans.

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