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Should I bother repairing my 2001 EX?


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During a recall repair service, the Honda dealership recommended I take care of some repairs, and I confirmed the importance of these with my local Honda shop. Here is a list of repairs, plus their estimated costs I was quoted by my local shop --


1) replace front break pads = $180

2) service timing belt, water pump, and seal = $800

3) repair broken bushings = $530

4) mystery spark plug issue (causes engine light to come on occasionally) = ? (undiagnosed as of now)

TOTAL = at least $1510


Kelly BB value for my car ('good' condition) is just under $4000 for private party resale.


We're not really driving this car much at the moment, maybe 30 miles a week, and it has just over 100,00 miles currently.


We have been talking about buying a new car but have been kind of procrastinating, though this recent potential large repair has gotten me thinking about it again. To me it doesn't seem worth repairing if we're going to sell it.


What are your guys' thoughts, repair, or sell as-is? Thanks in advance!



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