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Ej6 b18b1 swap running good for years now its lagging during accelerat


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Hi I got Ek hatch with b18b1 swap. It's was a good daily car.

Til the the head gasket went bad..

I did a compression test, all cylinder giving me

180 psi but I never remove the distrebutor

And fuel pump fuse.. So I try start the car.. Then the car

Don't wanna start, so I was thinking I blow the coil..

So I deside to do a headgasket job and replace the coil later.

So I replace head gasket

Timing belt

Water pump.

Ignition coil


Did valve last adjustments

And try start the car, the car start right up.

Car idle reAly smoth no ticking or any noise

It's reAly smoth.. Then took for a test drive the next day for about 20 miles and head home

Then I stop on the stop light and when the light hit green I accelerate on 1st gear then suddenly feels like my car lossing power rpm dropping then after a couple of second power went back and car run normal again. But today it's keep doing car lagging during acceleration specially 1st gear 2nd gear and a little on 3rd gear.. If I press the gas car won't accelerate and rpm drop after a second the power come back make a sudden acceleration. And it's reAly scare the frack out of me.. Please help what wrong with my car..

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