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Starting trouble with 2002 Honda Civic LX


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I need some help/direction on how to fix the starting trouble with my car.


Year, Make, Model, : 2002 Honda Civic LX

Kilometers: 280,000



When I turn on the ignition key, it doesn't want to start. After a delay or during the second attempt to start (at the ignition key), the engine starts.

Details of the work done:

1. When the mechanic checked the battery, it was half-dead. So, the battery was replaced. The problem remained.

2. So, as a next step, the spark plugs were replaced. The problem remained.

3. Again, the mechanic suggested starter motor, that was also replaced. The problem is still there.

* The battery, spark plugs and starter motor that were replaced are all original Honda parts.


Further details:

---When does the problem get worse ?---

* If I drive less short distance, say less than 10 kilometers and shut the engine off, I will have trouble starting my car again even if it is within 5 minutes of shutting off the car

* The problem can get more severe when the temperature goes below zero degrees


---Temporary solution to reduce the problem!---

* If I use a lot of fuel injection cleaner to the gas tank, the problem subsides, it doesn't go away.

* If I drive my car for 60 kilometers and then shut the engine off, the next time I start the engine it starts without issues.

* In the parked position, BEFORE turning off the engine, I push on the gas hard and turn off the engine (this lessens the starting trouble to a great extend)


Some more notes:

* When I turn on the iginition key and when the car starts, it sounds as if it is going to die/stop. But it doesn't. Once it starts running it is fine. Again, once it starts it DOESN'T dies when it is idling. The rpm needle stays steady (means the rpm needle doesn't go erratic).


I have been searching the internet for an answer. So, what could be the problem?

If it is IAC - where is the IAC located on 2002 Honda Civic LX?

If it is PCV - where is it located?


Thank you,

Best Regards,


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Have you checked your battery and starter? Make sure that you have enough fuel pressure and check your fuel pump too. The IAC valve is located on the side of the throttle body, and the PCV valve is mounted onto a small black pan bolted to the back of the engine towards the bottom, to the immediate left of the oil filter on Honda Civic LX.

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