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New From the Tulsa Area


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New here from tulsa. I used to be a member on here (Forgot my username and pass word) I just reentered the Honda world by Buying a 1992 Honda Prelude Si.


Theres nothing special about the prelude.. I bought it Real Cheap, Its an auto Trans unfortuantly.. Its just going to be a little project car..


Now about me I joined here about 4 years ago with my 95 Del Sol, since then ive gone through a lot of cars.. I Sold the del Sol about 3 years ago, bought 2 CRX's (Turned out to be a waste of money), Sold them and bought a dodge Caliber SRT4, Sold the caliber to my mom cause of financial reasons, Bought a Chevrolet Silverado Z71. Recently sold that and bought a 2008 Nissan 350Z. and now i got my hands on this prelude as a secound vehicle to run during the winter.


as for my Cars, I have too many hobbys and too little of time.. but im gonna work on the preulude some, When i got it it already had an aftermarket exhaust (idk the make, But doesnt sound bad) ive added a spectre cold Air intake, i bought 2 Fx Tuner Racing seats.. But UPS lost my seat Brackets and wont pay for them so they arent in yet.. Im not doing anything major to it yet.. But im in the progress of Murdering it out (All Black) Its for fun.. not to impress anyone.


Theres other small things ive done to it but i dont feel like putting it all down on here


anyways, I Hope to make some buds on here and learn all I can about these old hondas.

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