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New to the Prelude Club. 1992 Prelude Si.


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I recently bought a 1992 Prelude Si as a project/ winter car. Figured Id join here to learn more about the car.


I used to be a member on here back when i had my 95 delsol. But i cant remember my username or password.


I love all Cars, Ive had a wide variety of cars in just the last 4 years, Im driving a 350Z as a daily driver right now. But the project Car is the prelude. I bought it real cheap and actually like it other than its an auto trans.. But all the same still a good car with only 122000 miles..


my question as of right now is on the engine, there sounds to be a small rattle coming from the distributor.. it doesnt sound like a rod or anything knocking. but ive tightened the distributor and it didnt change it any. Is this a common noise? or should i check into it more?

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Thank you.. The rattling stopped after i removed the distributor and reinstalled it.. one last question.. On the gear selections, It goes P-R-N-D4-D3-2-1.. Whats the difference in D4 and D3? Is that indicating that the car is a 4 speed auto or what? It seems that its only going into 4 gears. It runs at around 3500rpm at 75 mph.. Any info on that will help. thanks

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