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92 integra 5sp wont go into gear?


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ill try to keep this short without missing key points.

ive got the ys1 trans usdm mounted to a b18a1.


Car started hard and i mean HARD shifting into 1st and sometimes 2nd but was still drivable. if i pressed on the gas more than half throttle it would high rev and creep to speed. (to me indicating a slipping clutch?) i adjusted to the trans cable and it stopped the noticable slipping.



the car about a couple months later would not go into any gear as if the shift linkage was disconnected. lifted the car and shift linkage moved very easily.

but externally looks fine.


drained some fluid and no metal flakes.

took on the plug higher up on passenger side of trans and found very fine metallic dust.


had some shade tree craigslist mechanics install a new clutch disc (oem),throwout bearing and release bearing but reused pressure plate and flywheel.


still will not grab any gears. i can run the car through all gears without pressing clutch with the engine running.

never made any noises or grinds except downshifting into 3rd, which i heard is normal for hondas.

fresh acura mtf. but the weird thing is the old clutch disc isnt even that beat up. all the springs are in tact and everything.



is the trans shot or could this be a easy fix?:scared:

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Sounds like something is loose or disconnected. If the linkage is snug between selector and its attachment at the transmission, I would look in the selector housing at the transmission and/or the selector lever under the console. If that's snug, have a look under the transmission case. While youre in there you can also inspect the gears to see why your trouble with third is coming from.

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