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EGR port cleaning of 2000 accord v6

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Had engine lite on and tech changed EGR valve twice. Did some digging and found service bulletin 99-085 to drill and instal a tube in the EGR port. OEM wants $147 for drill and tube. Does any one know the size of drill bit and if I can get away without using the $147 tube? Also, if someone has a legible copy of the bulletin for me, the layman, I would appreciate it. Any advice and tips would also be welcome.

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There is a great youtube video fo EGR port cleaning.


This is a very simple task to complete and takes 1-2 hours if you are firmillar with tools.

I've preformed this to my 99 3.0 accord and the easiest method I found was using a drill bit to clean out the EGR valve. You will also need to remove the intake manifold and clean inside of the intake manifold. You WILL notice heavy carbon build up around the egr port in the intake manifold that will need to be cleaned out.

You will also need a bottle or two of carb cleaner. I recommend taking off your ERG metal pipe that connects to the EGR to the bottom of the intake manifold and cleaning that as well.

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