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04 Civic - Oxygen Sensor Question


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I'm no mechanic, but I'm a decent parts changer and I know the difference. Hopefully, ya'll can help me save a few bucks.


The kid at autozone says the Check Engine Light reads "Oxygen sensor, upstream, sensor 1".


I'm told that this vehicle has four O2 sensors?


I'm also told that "upstream" means in front of the Cat. Converter.


I don't know which one is "sensor 1"?


Can anyone please confirm my statements and questions?


Also, I learned in a previous thread that:




has O2 sensors that area much cheaper than Autozone. Can anyone confirm which part numer I need?


Finially, once I replace the sensor, will the check engine light reset itself, and if not, what is the procedure to re-set the light?


Thanks in advance.

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