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Engine Won't Start

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I've read similar forums about this issue, but none of them (so far) mention that this only happens to them when it is very cold outside. I have a 2002 Civic LX.


Whenever I want to turn my car on, I turn the key half way, the radio and AC come on as usual, all the lights on the dashboard come on, but when I turn the key all the way for the engine to start, nothing happens. There is no sound, its just dead silence. The AC and radio turn off then too and I am just holding the key waiting for the engine to start. I have to repeat this a few times and hold the key in turn position for 10-15 seconds and on the third or fourth try the car will finally turn on. It ONLY happens when it is cold. When it is warm weather, the car starts with no issues. I have had the ignition switch, starter, and the battery replaced in the last few months. It isn't any of that obviously and it seems like no one knows what the issue is. I took it to two different mechanics already. Someone please help!!

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check battery condition, tap starter with a hammer because it may have frozen on a flat spot. if it fixes the problem, get a new starter.


protip: starter is on the transmission


protip2: transmission is on the passenger's side under the hood.

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