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Number of Problems Following Shift Lock Problem


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1999 Accord V6 Coupe


When I was recently troubleshooting my shift lock solenoid not engaging, I removed the brake switch and checked continuity on the NO and NC contacts, which were OK and I replaced the switch. I don't know if I disurbed some harness under the dash or whatever - I didn't disconnect anything else - but I have a whole list of problems that ensued.


I did also remove, test and replace the 7.5a #9 fuse in the driver side panel


1. Signal light dash indicators inop - outside signal lights OK, click sound OK


2. No P or R indicators, others OK


3. Console shift light out


4. Fog light indicator (on button) inop


5. When fog light button pushed in, radio/cd lights work, otherwise the sound panel doesn't light


6. Shift lock solenoid doesn't engage at all now (before, it just wouldn't engage when temperature got cold). In the summer, no problem.


None of these symptoms/problems, except for an intermittent shift lock problem, existed previously.


What circuitry, harness, etc. would be in common with all these? I thought about the dirver side multiplexor, but I didn't touch this.


Any thoughts? Thank you.

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