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04 Odyssey stalls/shakes

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In addition to the starting issue in another post, I have also been having an issue with stalling on this same van. When i accelerate to about 40-45 mph the van will start to shake and sputter, I will immediately let off of the accelerator and it will stop. At this point I can then continue to accelerate and it will work just fine. My dealer said it was the EGR valve and I replaced that but the problem is still happening. Any ideas?

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I have heard of people having this same problem with Honda Odysseys—it could be a transmission problem. You’re right though, it also could be as simple as replacing the EGR valve. The only way you’re going to know for sure is by taking it to a mechanic and having him run a diagnostic test. The code you get will tell you if it is the EGR Valve. I really hope it’s not the transmission.

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