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94' accord- Wiring/electronic issues.....Help Please.


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I need to know where the wire from my starter SOLENOID goes to? My starter has 2 wires....obviously the positive battery cable to the actual starter. and a black/white wire coming out of my starter solenoid..and i dont know where this wire goes too. I was told a fuse box but I have yet been able to trace it down...and if possible could u tell me if it would interfere with any kind of relay/fuse?


My Problem- I am getting power to my starter (from the positive battery cable) im guessing. However I am not getting power to my starter solenoid. When I turn my key the (run) position it will click and my accessories come on. However my car will not turn over or crank. BUT...when I jump my starter (touch a wire to the Positive battery terminal and where the black/white wire connects to my starter solenoid) it will start right up with no problems! I'm curious if I have a short in that wire or if it has to do with a relay/fuse somewhere....or something else that I am just overlooking. Any advice and help is welcomed and thanked!

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That black/yellow wire goes to the Starter Relay. The Starter Relay is controlled by the Ignition Combination Switch which is behind the Key Tumblers Cylinder. If you can jump the Starter my touching Battery Positive to the black/yellow wire, then check the following:


1. Ignition Combination Switch function

2. Starter Relay

3. Positive connection to the Ignition System


I had corrosion under my positive terminal which resulted in an intermittently failure. It took me months to find it cause I could jump the starter without trouble using a jumper wire to connect the battery positive post to the black/yellow wire. What I didn't realize was that by touching the top of the positive post and not the positive terminal, I was bypassing the corrosion.


My cousin had an intermittent start failure but could jump the starter by connecting battery positive to the black/yellow wire. I inspected his Ignition Combination Switch after noticing the door open chime would fail while I had the drivers side door open and wiggled the key in the ignition. I found black carbon and no dielectric grease inside the Ignition Combination Switch. I cleaned out the carbon, cleaned the contacts with sandpaper, packed it with fresh dielectric grease, and reinstalled. It works fine to this day (about three years).

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I replaced the ignition switch...is that the same as the ignition combination switch? Im not a mech. of any kind so im just curious. And I replaced what I thought was the starter relay but it turned out that advanced auto parts thinks a starter relay is actually a Main fuel pump relay. If possible could you show me a picture of a starter relay for a 94' accord....just wondering. and thank you for your advice and info....it is greatly appreciated!

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There's a few videos on changing the Ignition Combination Switch on YouTube. Review those so you're on the same page.


I don't have a picture of said relay. Really, a picture wouldn't help. You need a wiring layout schematic.

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