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ok out of the blue about 2 weeks my drivers side window stopp doing anything!! the motor was strong pulling so i was hunting at the switch and the doors wire supply....still no luck...few days go by...i think to myself...fuses! !!! well next thing i know i find a dead fuse...check the window and by god almighty the window is fixed!!! i was justttt about to go for a reg/motor to fix this....but i had a feeling if the doors switch isnt getting power...where did it go? it went when the fuse blew!...awsome deal..tried 3 differnt machanics just take a look...none even thought the motors ran off 2 differnt fuses...theres way to many amps to push all of them....including if you have a sunroof...seperate fuse to that 1 also!...the clock fuse on my 95 teggy was under the hood...i checked all fuses and the clock on dash does work! woowee...ive seen alot of differnt threads about the 1 window works but not the other....ive also been told that the window motor and reg are good usually...i was told wrong to start out buying a switch...oh well....i hope this helps you all...check fuses first...i had my window fixed in 5 min just checking fuses


left window motor has a fuse

right window motor has another fuse

sunroof has a seperate 1 also!!!

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