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Car won't start, possibly by oil in spark plug well/wires


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Woke up today with my 95 Accord lx 4cyl not starting, vehicle cranks, battery recently changed so it should have enough amperage. Gas pump is working, fuses are all good. I believe it to be oil in the spark plug wells due to a broken valve cover gasket. Its not a little oil either, 3/4 cylinders have oil and one 2 of them had a pretty large amount of oil, the spark plug wire caps themselves look kinda gunked up. Could the oil be the cause of no start condition? If so what do you think about the Gasket set from oreilly's? (Fel-pro)

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oil in the spark plug wells is a common problem on the fifth generation accords. changing the valve cover and the tube seals will solve most of this problem, but there are lower tube seals under the rocker assembly that can contribute to this as well (a certain fel-pro set I believe has all three, the cover gasket, the lower tube seals, and the upper tube seals). that being said, unless your wires or your plugs are so badly corroded or aged that current no longer travels properly through them, oil in the wells in itself will not prevent the car from starting. you'll want to check up the electricity stream starting with the spark plugs. (this of course assuming nothing is wrong with the timing, but if that were the case it would likely have died on you while you were driving instead of chosing not to start. a plugged egr can vapor lock the car too if you are doing a hot start up. edit: and that's not likely the case because I apparently didn't pay attention to the "woke up this morning" bit...)


good luck.

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