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Clicking noise during right turns, NOT cv axles...any ideas?

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This is my first post here so I'll give a little background on myself. I am a very avid gearhead and I consider myself to be a skilled mechanic. I do everything myself from oil changes and general maintenance to engine builds and transmission swaps. I currently have a '95 EX with the 2.2l VTEC and a 5 speed manual trans. It is completely stock with 140k miles and I rely on it as my daily driver.


Over the last few months it has started to make a clicking noise when I make sharp right turns from a stop in 1st gear. Naturally I assumed that it was a failing cv axle so I changed both axles however the clicking noise is still there. It only happens when making right turns at low speed and it seems to get worse if the car is under load (ie- turning right from a stop up a slight hill) Occasionally I can hear it faintly when I am going straight at low speed if I am on a hill however it is nowhere near as loud as when I am turning right. Not only can I hear it but I can also feel it to some extent through the steering wheel. As soon as I straighten out the wheel it stops. Having already changed the cv axles Im not sure what else it could be. I hate to think that there is something wrong with the driveline and I want to get it fixed ASAP but I am really out of ideas. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



'95 Accord EX 2.2l 5 speed

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There's not much down there. If its not the CV Axle (ice bought poorly assembled remaned units that still would click) then check the steering tie rods, lower ball joint, ect. Something is loose or rubbing. Find freshly damaged surfaces or metal dust showing some rubbing.

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I don't think its anything rubbing. It gets worse under load and it sounds like something heavy clunking around at the same rpm the wheels are turning. I have heard that the 5 speed cars can have differential problems but I don't know why that would only affect it in right turns.


Tie rods or ball joints wouldn't cause such a constant repetitive clicking. Although the ball joints are worn, maybe they are just worn to the point where they let the CV axle get bent too far to one side?

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That's possible. Like I said, something loose. Like I also said, there's not much down there so its not such a big deal to jack up the car and check everything.


I've forgotten to torque my lug nuts on one wheel and they started to back out. When two opposite nuts had backed out enough, the wheel would tilt and pivot: the noise would be a clunk at low speeds and worse while turning.

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