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2.0 DOHC Vtec not engaging


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Hello friends.


I do not own a Honda but I am tired of hearing my friend complain that he is unable to fix this issue on his friends Civic. I do not have all the information down to the T about this but I will tell you what I know and what has been done to my knowlege and see if anyone has any idea.


The Vtec used to work and became intermittent then it stopped completely. We have......


replaced vtec solenoid

Checked oil passages with compressed air

and some other testing may have been completed but this is all I know about so far.


My friend has alot of pride and he does not think posting here will help but I have alot more experience using forums and I know there is someone here who knows exactly the ins and outs of the entire motor.


So if someone could please explain what all inclusive makes Vtec work and everything that can be tested for diagnosing this issue. All I know is it is controlled by some sort of oil pressure and a solenoid and theres a push pin ? and theres extra lobes on the cam that push valves further when engaged. What all should we be looking for.





Small Intro: I have a mazdaspeed 3 2008, pearl white. I love my car they are factory boosted. Since purchase in May of 2008 I have fully built the engine Pauter chromolly rods, wiseco pistons, all arp studs, garrett 3076R turbo, all custom manifold downpipe and dump tube, spraying methanol 7 Gallon per hour, tuned to 25 psi of boost, kenne belle boost a spark, turbosmart full vta raceport, Custom 3.5" intake, everything ceramic coated and wrapped, Intake mani ceramic coated, theres soo much more I have done but there are the most important highlights.


Im putting down the 500HP front wheel range but I haz no Vtec =(

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