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ABS & BRAKE lights on after a battery jump?? Help

Jennifer Teeter

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My battery went dead today after leaving the dome light on. I had it jumped by AAA and after that the ABS and BRAKE lights came on. I thought after it charged fully they would turn off, however when I turned the car back on about 9 hours later they were still on. Any ideas on what could of happened? The check engine light is on too, but that was on prior to the jump because its time for the oil change.

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ABS and BRAKE Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) have nothing to do with battery voltage. The BRAKE MIL comes on when the Parking Brake is engaged or when the Brake Fluid Reservoir level drops below minimum. The ABS MIL stays on when an error is recorded by the ABS Control Unit. The Check Engine Light stays on when an error code is recorded by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The Maintenance Reminder Lamp comes on when you need an oil change.


Be sure the lights you are observing are the ones you referred to. Otherwise, check your brake fluid level, disconnect the battery to reset the control units and see if they store codes again.

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