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Hey guys i havent been on this forum in a while!

well let me cut to the chase.

Her name is Euphoria . 1991 Accord, runs like it was off the lot back in 91'

Only problems:

1.Radiator Leak

2.Fuel Gauge Not moving?

3.Weathering is making the body look nasty :/

4.Im getting a leak through the driver seat by the pedals any where in particular i should look for the leak?

5.and most importantly idk what i should do to make it last longer and stronger performance. I want to learn how to change some parts and hell maybe even make this your typical JDM car. If you can , any suggestions on my first few issues and what I should start looking into to make it have a higher performance i want this to be a Fuel Effecient , awsome performing car.



FYI , the bumpers have suffered really bad weathering conditions and way to bring it back black and clean? looks like it came outa a sewer now :/



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1. Change the Radiator. Leaks only get worse, not better.


2. Short the Fuel Level Sending unit at the tank to ensure a good connection and verify the gauge works: you should get an immediately response at the needle while the car is in ON (II position).


3. Buff it or paint it. It's up to you.


4. Where to look? Look under your dash. Beyond that, you really need to figure out what's leaking before I can suggest anything else. I'll give you a multiple choice to make it easy:

a) coolant (sweet smelling),

b) water (no odor or musky/milldewy smell),

c) brake fluid (oily),

d) other.


5. Make sure all maintenance is up to date. If you don't know when something was changed, change it (timing belt).

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Are you looking for the fuel sending unit on your car? It's inside the fuel tank.


Are you looking for a replacement fuel sending unit? It's at Honda.


Are you looking for that connection to the fuel gauge? It's on top of the fuel tank.

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