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New to honda, looking for some advice


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Hey guys, I'm Scott, I just bought my first honda, my truck gets horrible mileage so I opted to buy something thats a little better on fuel. I don't know much about these cars, I'm more into the old school stuff, I've got a 71 duster that I have an easy time working on, however I'm sure I can figure the honda out, its just going to take a little time.


I just purchased a 91 accord LX 4 door 5 spd. It looks like its been decently taken care of and only has 172k on the odometer. The timing belt, water pump, and radiator have all been changed out within the last 7k miles. My question is what are some issues I need to look for on this car? Anything prone to going out of it? It rides well, shifts, well, and the engine sounds good, other than the exhaust leak.


Are they prone to leaking?

How do the transmissions hold up?


Any advice to make me feel better about my purchase would be greatly appreciated!


Also in good shape whats the typical value on these cars? Mine has very minor rust, no dents, no dings, excellent interior.


Thanks for the help,



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Often people will change the valve cover and washer seals but neglect the spark plug tubes since it involves removing the cam holders: look down the spark tubes for oil, if you see it this is the reason.


Another neglected bit is the Oil Pressure Sending Unit mounted above the Oil Filter (its the only connector in the immediate vicinity of the oil filter), so if you have copious amounts of oil coming from under the intake manifold and somewhere above the filter, this is the reason. There is no o-ring, so remove it, cover the threads with some RTV and snug it back down.


Other leaks go with milage which you do not have enough milage to be concerned.


The transmission will hold up to normal wear. If you plan on racing the car, then in general the longevity takes a hit.

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Thanks for the advice man, I put 60 miles on it today and the gas guage is still above full ... thats my favorite thing about it so far! LOL. My truck drinks gas, so this is quite nice to have.


The cruise control is not working, The light on the dash comes on, and when I hit set the light on the gauge cluster comes on, Any ideas what could be wrong with it? I tried to look it over but didn't see anything. It looked like all the vaccuum lines were hooked up

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