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1992 Honda Accord LX


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I have a few questions. I will try to make it as understandable as I can. I have changed the timing belt before on this same car and did not run into a problem with it starting... This time around I cannot get it to start at all.... But here is what I did differently due to so much going on in my life i guess I was not focued at all basically..... I had to change the Water Pump.. and for some reason I took off the oil balancer shaft right below the water pump... well I also read to use a bolt to hold the balancer from turning, course I did not know this when I took off the oil balancer shaft so it ended up turning on me.


Next stupid mistake I made is when I got the big timeing belt in line with the marks... I put on the small belt and had the bolt in to hold the balancer shaft from turning... what I did wrong is i forgot to take the bolt out before trying to start the car, so it made a grinding like noise when the engine turned over and stripped the small belt


My question first is leaving that bolt in like i did and trying to start the car would that have messed up something and if so what?


second question if not... will having the balancer shaft off a notch are so keep it from starting?


Thank you in advance sure need the help please.....

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You would've messed up the Balancer Shaft and/or the Balancer Shafts Belt. Probably minor damage to the shaft and the belt is missing teeth.


Get a new belt, set the shafts and crank and cam(s) to TDC and TAKE YOUR TIME AND RELAX, do it right the first time.


At first, before the bolt gave way, this could've prevented the car from starting, but after the bolt gave way there shouldn't be anything preventing the car from starting. Not that you should even attempt to start it: pull the oil pan to remove any bits of metal you have from your mistake FIRST then once you have everything back together you can try to start it.

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