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2005 CR-V vibrates while shifting

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So this has been going on for a couple of months now - my 2005 CRV EX (automatic, 4wd) starts to vibrate/shudder badly when it's going from first to second and second to third gears, but only if I am light on the accelerator. If I accelerate more quickly it blows through the shift point with no vibration at all. Once it starts to vibrate, giving it either more or less gas stops the vibration immediately. Any ideas of what could be wrong?


The transmission fluid was changed by Jiffy Lube 30k miles ago, and I had it checked by a mechanic after this started - he said it looked fine, couldn't reproduce the shudder so didn't do anything. The dealer charged me $200 to look at it and couldn't figure out what was wrong, which makes me not want to take it back there.


I don't know much about transmissions - but it seems to me that there's two possible categories: a mechanical problem - something worn in the transmission (clutch?), or an electronic problem (i.e. the computer gets confused about which gear it's supposed to be in and rapidly switches back and forth - is that possible?)

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