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crx project


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i already worked on hondas before so this isnt new to me, but i wanna start off with a project from scratch i have 7 grand saved up and ready to get this started. i bought a crx for 1100 and want to know what motor i will benefit the most from . dont know if i should go with boost or all motor and i will be using this as a daily so i need input about everything from scratch. thanks :wink:

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hi, i had started collecting for a crx build about 5 years ago. i was going in the direction or a K24 and K20 cylinder head with k20 6 speed trans. i have invested about 6-7k $. i saw your post and figured id let you know. i am selling my whole project. no time or $$ to finish. selling parts individually or whole project as package. heres what ive got.....k24A2 short block 50kmi, 2 K20Z1 comlete cylinder heads, K20Z1 6 speed trans, zeals function coilovers, rotora front big brake kit, wilwood custom rear big brake kit, tons of other factory k24/k20 parts, 2 honda crx's, one is for build, one for parts. crx for build is fully gutted 1990 si with poly bushings i whole car, rear disc and new doors,hatch and glass from a cali car. also have new oem rear quarters and rockers for the crx. and much more.too much to list here. i could give you a great deal on the project i couldnt finish! repost and contact if interested or for any questions. i worked for honda as a tech for 10 years so i know alot about these vehicles. let me know

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