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Keep the Accord, or move to the TSX?

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I'm just looking for a little input from the masses here...


I have a 2010 Accord EX-L with Navigation. I'm two years into a three year lease and I have 36,000 miles. (I'm not concerned with the mileage overage because under no circumstance am I turning the car in.)


My payments are currently $330 per month total (after tax). I am considering trading it in and leasing a new TSX instead. The payment will be the same (current promotions offer $299 per month +tax).


The differences will be:

$3,000 out of pocket for a down payment on the new lease

Two model-year newer vehicle

Acura instead of Accord


But it also means that I no longer have navigation (which sucks anyway), and I'm just spending more money. My alternative to trading for the TSX would be to keep the Accord and buy it when my lease is up. Eventually, I could pay it off completely and own it outright. Also, I think it's important to note that anyone who's driven both cars has to admit that from the inside, they are almost identical. The dash and instrument panel look the same, and the center console is pretty much identical. I'd hate to spend all that money and feel like I'm driving the same car I already had, you know?


SO... what does the peanut gallery think?

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