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90 honda civic dx fuse diagram

Jumping Hurdles Dixon

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does anyone know what the fuses under the dash and hood are for

on a 90 honda civic dx hatchback... theres no cover on it so i dont

know what theyre for... my heat stopped working and i was told to

check my fuses but im not sure which box it would be in the one under

the hood or the one under the dash... IF ANYONE KNOW WHICH


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my driverside low beam headlight dont work either i replaced it

n it worked but as soon as i put hood down it went out but it came

back on on my way home but after that it never came back on so

i returned the bulb to the auto store now i just run my brights bc

the cops will cite you for one headlight... COULD THIS BE A FUSE


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Quick answer on the fuses: check ALL of them and replace any blown or damaged fuses.


The headlights may have poor connections to ground. In general, what you describe is a connectivity issue. As far as a fuse being the culprit, no. A fuse doesn't break a connection only to spontaneously connect later.


You need to find the covers. They're relatively inexpensive both from salvage or the dealer. While your car is running, the fuses' probe contacts are hot; you can hurt yourself if you make contact with the backs of those fuses.

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