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My First Civic


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Okay, so I got my first Honda last week. Its a 93 civic lx sedan. It has a 95' D16z6 motor swap in it right now. Has about 239,00 on the actual body. The body of this car looks like it only has 50,000 miles on it bc it was a southern car. I've been told that i should change out my ECU and put an upgraded on it it, it is a P28 in their right now. The other thing is, this car has power, but its like it almost has a loss of power. When i try to get it to pick up, it acts like it wants to go faster but it wont. Like somethings holding back its power. Ive been told to upgrade the fuel system... What parts would i need to replace to upgrade it? This civic is my project car. I plan to start order a new block for a B18 and build it from ground up as a side project but for now i want to build on this D16z6. Does anyone have any kind of suggestions on what I should do to this Civic?! Thanks!

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