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Voltage problems. Battery or altenator or wiring?


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My car has been acting up lately. Whenever i sit at a stop light for over 30 seconds my cluster light dims along with the clock and i have a slight misfire. but when i take off everything is fine until the next stop light. my gauges also go crazy when this happens. And when i park my car and try to start it up sometimes its sluggish crankover or doesnt even have enough juice to start up.


so i took a voltmeter and went to town and this is what i got...


with the car OFF put voltimeter on + and - on battery = 10volts

with the car ON put the voltimeter on + and - on battery = 14.3volts


with car ON put the volitmeter on positive on alternator and other on good ground = 14.3 volts


with the car ON and everything i could possibly turn on in the car . put the volitmeter on battery = 9.9 Volts

with the car ON and everything on i put the volitmeter on alternator = 10volts


hope someone can respond to this and help me out

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