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1990 Civic EX Sedan Mod Ideas?


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My Civic is getting along in years and it's starting to show. Her stock parts are clearly feeling the effects of time. However, her body remains in pristine condition which warrants my want to rebuild her. Unfortunately, she's an automatic, which means that the first thing on the agenda will be swapping in a manual transmission. Would any 4th Generation Civic transmission do the job; or even a CRX transmission?


After that's out of the way, I really don't know where to go. This will be my first project car. What I'm attempting to go for here is making her into a sleeper, however, she would still be my daily driver so I don't want to end up with ridiculous gas mileage or something that makes constant use too difficult.


While this may be my first project car, my ambition and ease of access to a relative owned auto body shop should hopefully account for my lack of experience. Thanks in advance for help.

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