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Cabin Filter


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Is it just me? I get tired of the Honda dealerships wanting large sums of money for parts that cost a fraction at the chain auto parts stores. The Cabin filter is one example. I got a flyer from a dealer I just purchased a 2012 Accord EX-L from. I also own a 2006 Accord SE. The flyer listed replacing the cabin filter for $56.99. REALLY??? $60 after taxes for replacing a part that costs about $14 at O'Reilly's. Not to mention, it only takes about 2 to 3 minutes to actually change. I wish more people were car smart and these type of rip-offs would not take place in the car owners world. So, for all you who do not understand or know how to replace that filter, please do not pay for it. It is simply finding a small release at the bottom of your glove compartment and it releases it so it drops downward. The filter is just inside that space. Simply pull it out and replace with the new one. Move the glove compartment upward and back into place. You are done. Now, would you pay $60 for that?? If so, you are either stupid or stupid rich.

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