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1992 accord radiator fan making weird noises


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Ok here it goes... I just recently fixed the leaking coolant problem... I drove my accord earlier today and when I sat on the red light for awhile, the radiator fan turned on... of course, to cool the engine from idling heat... but the weird part of it was that it was making weird screeching sound... I turned my ac on and the sound continued... when I finally parked and turned off the car, the fan kicks in like normal but it wasnt normal because of the sound it made... it sounds like a grinding sound or a screeching sound like something is hindering the fan from doing its job... could it be that I need a new radiator fan? please help thank you =)

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Yes, you need a new fan motor. The motor has bearings and the casing is not designed where you can rebuild the motor. My advise, remove the motor first to see what condition the shroud is in. I'm not saying what it looks like on the outside but rather can it put up with having the motor removed; it is possible to damage the shroud in removing the fan motor and its just easier to get replacement motor and shroud at the same time.

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