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Gopher Love

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Hi, i'm kinda ashamed to say on here, i've never owned a honda... But, i'm very into the culture in my area and many of my friends have some heavily modified hondas (my roommate has a 92 del sol with a B18C1 swap bored .040" with 12:1 compression and many other mods...).


So, I am now in the market for a new car and am decided on an Integra... Heres some info to help let you know what i'm looking for

Body must be a third gen integra...

I'm going to be doing a turbo setup

engine can be stock from teg (a b series) or.. what I would really like (if i'm wrong here tell me), is to swap a k series in and boost that (again, if i'm not wrong that would be the best base to start from)

my driving style is fast from start to finish.. I dont wanna go fast in just a straight line... I want extreme handling characteristics also (which again is why I have chosen the integra because if i'm not wrong again, this body is a little better than the smaller civics for cornering/handling)


So, my real dilema here is basically not what car to get, I know I was the third gen teggy but what I don't know is if i want to buy one with some work done to it already and then continue to modify the b18 in itt... or I could get a shit one, rip out the b18, sell it, and get myself a k20 to turbo...


My budget will not be high at 5000-6000 max if i'm getting a nicely put together teg then i'll be selling current car for another 1000-2000 for some more modifications.. The other option being buy a cheap teg at around 1000-2000 (mainly want a good body, so i might find a blown engine vehicle or something) and then spend the other 4000-6000 i can put together on a k20 engine and turbo setup.. (obviously i could spend 10,000 plus on what I really want at the finish but this will be ongoing..)


My final vision would be no specific HP or anything. I want to run between 5-15 PSI boost (depending on what engine and what it costs to get there..) so I will be doing botom up rebuild (crank, rods, pistons, bearings, dry sump oil, intake and head will be fully modified (P&P, oversized valves, etc..), electronics (ECU, fuel management, etc), MSD ignition equiptment... you get the idea... So...


If you were me, looking for a third gen integra to do a turbo build, for an everyday driver that can go to the track and woop on some serious factory cars... Where would you start???


Thank you for any advice, if you want some more information about what i'm looking to do please let me know.

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If it was me and I had your budget, wanted a reliable car with excellent handling characteristics, and enjoyed the 3rd gen body; I would strongly suggest looking for an unmolested Integra Type R and keep it all motor. Boost lag doesn't bode well in a tight handling car, you have to struggle to keep the turbo spooled when negotiating a challenging course.

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