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Anything I should look for when buying a '90s Honda Civic?


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Well guys, my name is Anthony. I am 18 years old, and live in Commiefornia. I have two old Ford trucks and another old truck. I cannot afford the gas to drive the trucks daily, so I know I want a '90s Honda Civic 4 Door 5-Speed with the 1.5L V-TEC 16V 4 cylinder. (I have had family members that had Hondas, and we have gotten many years of reliable use out of them) Is there anything I need to know about these cars? Is there anything that commonly goes out on these cars? I looked at a '91 Civic 4 Door (DX or EX) 5-Speed with 138,000 mostly freeway miles. The oil was fairly clean, the car handled exceptionally well, and accelerated great. The clutch was good and the car went into gear smoothly. I really liked this car and am interested in buying it. I will be checking the title and registration status on it at the DMV tomorrow.. Thank you guys in advance.

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The phrase "All highway miles" is the most ridiculous thing a car seller can ever say about a car. If you are looking at a car that is 21 years old and has 138k miles on it that person could have run up those miles driving back and forth to the mailbox. There is nothing to substantiate such a claim in this situation.


As a counter example: I bought a 1 year old Golf Diesel a few years back. It had 80k miles on it, and it was one year old. That's highway miles!


At 21 years old but only 138k you are going to need to replace anything made of rubber. Axle Boots, hoses, bushings, motor mounts. That car hasn't been driven much and all those things are likely rotten or hardened if they are still original. Maybe not right away, but anticipate those issues in general being the first things to go wrong.

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