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Motor Mount Bracket, Plan B

James Matteu

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Plan A:


Re-use damaged motor mount bracket.


Keysert, Helicoilc, or Timesert?


My attempt to drill out the holes in preparation to be threaded for the Helicoil didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. I wanted to work with the bracket on the car since two of bracket's fasteners sit beneath the intake manifold. That decision restricted my room to work and ultimately lead to a bad angle for the drill. Once the bit sagged the side of the hole I realized the angle was bad and that the bit I bought wasn't the right one for the job. I figured the hole was smooth enough from banging around the motor mount bolt so drilling wouldn't be completely necessary. I figured I could just tap the hole and move on with putting in the insert. I figured wrong.







Plan B:


cant get the bracket of an engine at a junkyard?


if not just step it up to the next size


Yes. I looked online last night and found three 1st Gen Acura Legends at Ace Pick-A-Part. I know I'm desperate when I'm willing to go to Ace' date=' they're expensive and have the worst, nastiest customer service. I expect to pay close to $50 for the bracket.


I cannot make my way out there until Thursday and cannot reinstall the motor mount with the broken tap stuck in the hole. I figured the mount hadn't been attached, so I must've not been holding the motor steady.


That last statement proved to be another bad assumption. This morning and last night, I could hear the Power Steering Pump Pulley rubbing on the $108.00 A/C Suction Line (hardline). The last thing I want right now is to break something else.


I need to remove the PS Pump until Thursday or Friday. I'll be removing it today after work.


[b']Question: Can I remove the pump and leave the lines open to atmospheric pressure? I'm not too concerned with a little hydraulic fluid as I can bag the lines. Or, do have to loop the high and low sides?[/b]




Plan C:


Buy new bracket from Honda: $250.00 USD.









Even more disturbing is a noise that popped up last winter that would come and go. I had been searching for it when I found the bad bracket and motor mount; I was convinced this was the source of the noise. Now the bracket isn't even attached to anything and the mount not even on the car: the noise is still present. I plan on leaving the A/C Belt off for a day to see if I can make the noise go away like that; I have a suspicion its coming from a bad Pulley Bearing. Thing is, it doesn't sound like any bad bearing I've heard before.

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When was the last time you had the distributor cap off? I have seen more than one distributor bearing grind itself to dust.


BTW, you get yourself into the most ridiculous messes. :laugh:

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Well, so far this noise appears to be a composite of several things, which to me explains why I would choose to describe it as disturbing.


The grinding: bad bearingsin the A/C Compressor. I don't know yet if this is the internal bearingsor theClutch/Pulley bearings. I'm banking on the latter.


The vibration: the bad, now missing, motor mount.


The tapping:thevalves


The deep grumbling on acceleration: the hole in the intake tube (repaired last night).


Today, I'll adjust valves after work (exhaust) so I can get a better idea of how many dirty hydraulic tappets (C27A4) there are by using my stethescope.



But, I have an o-ring for the distributor I've been meaning to change so I'll do that today and check the bearing while I have it off.

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