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Water leak in rain


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Hi all, I'm new here and have searched a bit but with no luck.


I have an 04 Civic EX. Recently it poured for several hours, I got in the car and there was a line of water coming down the floor mat on the passenger side. Not near the door, no other part was wet. It looks like it is coming from under the glove compartment. It is not anti-freeze, it is water. And I haven't used AC in several weeks so it is not the coolant system. And it is draining down from behind the glove box, not coming up from the floor board.


My boyfriend had a 2000 CRV that had this same "symptom" and it turned out to be a little rubber gasket near the engine compartment. However, this as several years ago and I think his warranty took care of it so he doesn't know where/how to get to it. I'm not going to go to Honda and pay $100/hr to have them tell me it's something I could have fixed in 10 mins.


Thanks in advance.

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That depends on how dry the air is, what the barometric pressure has been, what elevation you live at, the relative humidity, and how much water has been sitting in there. We're now talking about how long it takes for an unknown amount of water to evaporate since it has a restricted or blocked path to drain.

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I've had to clear my line twice in the last 10 years. Sometimes I'll accumulate water despite a clear line. I suspect the Evaporator outpaces the drain line in certain conditions as it only happens when its raining hard, I've tracked copious amounts of water into the car and I'm running the A/C at full blast. The result, I believe, is that already moist air is saturated with water evaporating from my floor which warms during operation. The condensation which accumulates is just more than the line can handle. In these conditions I'll get a sprinkle of very cold water on my feet when taking a sharp right turn and my passenger gets the same on a sharp left.

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