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block thread stripped????


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Means he stripped the threads out of a bolt hole. Pretty self explanatory I would think.


The real issue here is that if you do not know what a stripped thread is should you be purchasing a car that doesn't run? It's fixable, but not by a backyard mechanic with the my-little-helper toolkit. The skinny is that the hole is bored out and an insert installed which is the proper thread pitch.

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its obiouse if im asking i dont now wtf it is... no shitt

and yeah anybody u ask if a car is not running u wont buy it but im geting this car for a good price u tell me if it isent


its a eg si clean title real recaro seats itr back seats ksport suspension cf hood its v.i.s black housing headlights ITR complete swap with papper work in hand with a edelbrock manifold


for lets just say 1,000 now tell me even thought the car aint running i could double my money!!!! lol

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I have a feeling this won't end well. If he told you a bolt was stripped that wouldn't keep the car from running. Granted, head bolts (I'm assuming it's a head bolt as that is a common bolt to strip) are important but in reality there are enough of them that an assembled engine can usually break one and keep running without the driver knowing it had even broken.


You might make back your money parting it out, but this isn't likely an easy profit.

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