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B18a1 won't start...Stumped


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Hi all so first let me tell you what is in my car.


Bored out to 81.75mm ( a pain in the ass to find)

High compression (type r) pistons


Adjustable cams

no a/c, or p/s

all stuffed in a 91 civic hatchback

So now let me tell you what all happened. So I ran the engine too lean and got horrible detonation. And that melted the piston right between the first and second ring on the side. Then once I changed pistons out and got it all back together it wouldn't start and was leaking oil out the front of the engine. So I tore it back down to the head gasket and found that I put it on upside down. So flipped that back around and installed it on the right way. Now when I still try and start the engine it still wont turn over. When I check the ecu codes, nothing comes up. When I check to see if I have a spark, there is a strong spark and the cylinder smells like gas and the plug is covered in gas. So I thought timing was the issue so I put it on a timing light and it is still in time. Then I thought it was a vacuum leak so I changed out the pcv valve. Still nothing but now when I unplug the injector clips and start it up it runs at 3000 rpm then slowly dies. Once I plug in the clips and reset the ecu it doesn't want to start at all. What could be the problem because I'm about to just give up and send it to a mechanic and hope for the best.



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