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EG4 idling problem (d15b)


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idle starts low on cool engine.. somtimes way low (i've read a topic here that starts on high revs).. after awhile idle starts to normalize.. but the engine sometimes stalls eveytime i slow down to a stop.. almost always on sudden stops.. especially when a/c is turned off.. but it's better when headlamps and a/c are on.. though sometimes it still seems it's going to stall because of low rpm.. my rpm needle doesn't even point right.. idle is obviously at around 500-600 rpm (or lower) but it points at 1500-1700.. hope anyone can enlighten me about this before i start with the tips from other posts.. thanks!

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Low idle on cool engine usually indicated an obstructed Fast Idle Thermo Valve (FITV) but to be sure remove the intake tube to use your finger in checking for air flow into the FITV bypass tube. Covering it while the engine idles cold should either cause it to stumble and or stall. If it is obstructed the air flow will be weak. Compare the flow to the Intake Air Control Valve (IACV), the other hole on the throttle body.

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