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97 accord coupe - Driver window will not go 100% of the way down.


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Hi. lets start with the car.

97 accord 2 door coupe.


power windows.


passenger window works good.

drivers window seems to be fine but will not go down more than 5 inches or so.

it goes down and abruptly stops only about 25% of the way down. it will go right back up no problem.

Seems to me this isn't a motor problem but must be some sort of mechanical problem.


Now this car is pretty banged up. Must've seen a few accidents in its time. There IS a dent in the drivers side door right in front of the handle. Not very bad. Could this be the problem? Could the dent in the door have caused some sore of damage to the track or other parts?


Thanks for any help

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Yes, something is obstructing the path of the window on its track. It may be the track itself or the mechanism the motor uses to move the window. Keep in mind the mechanism and the motor come as an assembly, they are replaced together. The track however is attached to the door and comes seperately. So, don't buy anything untill you look inside the door. Plenty of websites that describe how to remove the panels and window, probably a video or two also.

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that was my first plan to take the panel off and take a peek inside. i just got the car and spent minimal time with it. when i get a chance ill play with the window again to make sure it doesnt show anysigns ofbeing a weak motor.


my saturn had a week motor, it would be really slow and try really hard and stop on yah, and you'd have to wait a little bit and try again. this car i think it will go right back up.

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checked it out today, regulator had come unbolted and bolts were laying in the bottom of the panel. bolted it back up window goes up and down but is very slow at the bottom. Either its weak or the track is putting pressure on it there.

my saturn used to be real slow when it was cold out too.

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Accords are notorious for slow windows. Check You Tube for any videos of them in operation before assuming something is wrong with yours. I thought mine was bad and got excited when it broke since that meant new parts. I cleaned the track and installed a new Regulator Assembly. The new part was just as slow as the old.

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