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My car is blowing light blue smoke is it my rings?


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You only need one thread homie.


Depends on what's causing it.


1. Bad stem seals, read your plugs.

2. Bad rings, check compression both dry and wet.

3. Both 1 and 2.


And as far as repair costs, stem seal kits are relatively cheap, ~$40-60, and a rebuild seal kit can run about $300 plus machine shop costs about $300. So, anywhere from $40 to $600, depends on what's wrong. Of course, other than the machine shop, none of this includes labor.

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oh ok thanks bro,


their's a guy i went to the shops calld "Honda medic" and he said just by looking at it its no thought its my rings he opend my oil cap while the car was running and smoke comes out from their 2.

shouldent i b loosing power?

cause my car is still runing strong like theirs nothing wrong with it...

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oh ok thanks man i really appreciate it!!


i got an estimate 2day the guy is charging me 900$$ and if my pistons r bad he will add 100$

he will get me rs machine face pistons hesaid their almost the power as the itr what piston do u recomend me that u might now?

ohh and my pistons are 1/2 a size bigger so 84.5mm

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I don't know, I've only rebuilt my own Toyota motor and did all the work myself using only Toyota parts.


I do know the stem seals (if they're the only thing that's failed) can be changed without removing the head (nor engine, of course) so Im not sure why its almost a grand. Then again, I haven't taken my car to a mech in over a decade so I am not the best person to chime in on this.

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