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Need Advice on a 97 Civic HX Engine swap

Cesar Antonio Villalta

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well, the civic is not mine, it belongs to my sister, and as i understand, the original engine in the car was near its death, so my sister swapped it out. now the rest is the tricky part.

As ive read just about everywhere, the proper engine for my car is a (1.6L, 4 CYL, SOHC), VTEC-E (VIN "7" 6TH DIGIT) Automatic Transmission


now, the problem is that my sister had the engine swapped for a (1.6L, 4 CYL, SOHC), BASE (VIN "6" 6TH DIGIT).


now, the check engine light is on in the car, (im assuming because the computer finds a problem with a nonvtec engine)


i bought an ecu for a non vtec motor, but when it is plugged into the car, it locks the transmission in park, and will not allow the car to move.


i took my vehicle to honda, and they told me that there wasnt much they could do for me.


so i need help, as to best proceed, because i need a car.


my intentions were to buy a replacement engine and i have one lined up, but i need to know if there is ANYTHING else i can do, because i do not want to spend that much money.

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