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1992 accord leaking fluid... please help!


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Hi, and good evening all! I was driving my 1992 honda accord when all of the sudden, it started overheating on the freeway. I pulled over and coolant was just all over the floor. After long hours of trying to find the leak, I finally found the problem but I dont know what the hose is called so I can order the part from honda dealership. I have pictures below indicating where the hose is located. I dont know what part of the hose is called so please help me in identifying the actual name to it. I cant drive my car to the dealer because it will not make it. I had to actually tow my car back to my place. I would really appreciate the knowledge you guys share. Also, do you think I can do the work myself since? Can I replace the hose from underneath the car or do I need to take all kind of parts off just to get to it? Please help and thanks a bunch in regards!







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Those are the Heater Core Hoses. Heater Hose A and Heater Hose B. You can get to both of them from under the car; you will have to squeezing your hand in there and you will get wet. Change them both. Bleed the cooling system.


You'll be alright and congratulations on knowing better than to keep driving it.


BTW, this is why I keep a roll of duct tape in my spare tire well. I can patch a hose, top it off and get home.

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Replacing cooling hoses is pretty simple in terms of tools and skills required. Like James said, you will get pretty dirty replacing this one but usually all you need is a decent pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Most hoses are held on by a screw on clamp or a spring loaded clamp.

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I really appreciate yalls reply and the knowledge shared! I will order these parts from the dealer and wait tell then... I hope its as easy as you say James. Hopefully, nothing is in the way of taking the original hose. Once again, thank you for the knowledge.


"You'll be alright and congratulations on knowing better than to keep driving it."


Ya, I didn't wanna pay the money to tow the thing but I believed that if I drove it then it probably woulda cost me more money than towing the thing LoL... although, I had coolant in the trunk, I still didn't wanna risk it. I love my accord even though its old. LoL

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