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1997 Honda Civic Cx Questions


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I have a 97 Honda Civic Cx. Stock 1.6L engine & auto transmission. I am wondering a few questions about this car. The car needs a new motor & transmission. I am wondering what motors and transmission will work with this model. Also what is needed if I did a vtec swap. What swap would work best in this car, and what would be needed to do a put a manuel transmission in the vehicle.

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This topic has been covered by a few thousand previous articles that can be easily found by a google search. What has been done before is way better then what I would write: i.e. pictures and links and how-to articles and so on.


What I am wondering is what has happened that your car needs both an engine and a transmission. Unless being beaten on by a 16 yr old street racing, extreme neglect or flood I can't fathom when a car would actually need both replaced at once.

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